Skilled Workforce

Placer County residents are among the best educated in the state, on par with the Bay Area, with nearly 25 percent having a bachelor’s degree and 12 percent having a graduate/professional degree.

Quality of Life

We are routinely ranked as one of the healthiest counties in California and we rank within the top five for quality of life. We boast not only the best schools, the best outdoor recreation and the most beautiful views you’ll find anywhere, but we are also home to amazing art, agriculture and award-winning wineries and breweries.

Room for Growth

Within the area we refer to as south Placer, there are thousands of acres available for future business growth. We currently are updating the area plan for more than 8,000 acres of south Placer.

A Tourism Hub

Yearly, more than one million visitors flock to Placer County’s North Lake Tahoe for year-round recreation, sightseeing, entertainment and relaxation. Placer County also offers many historic towns, museums, a blossoming art scene and fabulous parks and trails.




CA Rank 22 (2019)

Median Household Income


CA Rank 8 (2019)

Growth 2000-2017


CA Rank 2 (2017)

Median Age


Sources: ESRI & BEA (2019)

Fueling Our Growth

Placer County, one of the fastest growing areas in California, is proving to be a magnet. Why are people and companies moving here? We asked them:

Abundant Labor Market

Affordable Housing

Quality of Life

Transportation System

Recreation Nearby

Seismic Stability


You may be surprised to see all of the innovative items in this video that we are proud to call #PlacerMade.